Have a craving for Chinese food takeout? Avoid disappointment, find the best Chinese food restaurant in your area based on the style of food they prepare.  Our listings include establishments offering traditional Chinese food and the Americanized versions you are probably used to.  No matter what dish you are looking for, we can help you find places to eat close by – either search using the tool above or if you are in a hurry simply click on the locations listed on the map below.

Find Your Favorite Chinese Food

It is essentially an american tradition to order more food than you can possibly eat, especially when ordering Chinese Food.  Our eyes are always bigger than our stomach when thinking about those little white cartons of satisfaction.  Maybe that is why Chinese food has become such a common food for gatherings.  Everyone can order exactly what they are feeling while getting to try some of the left overs of everyone else.  Since no one can ever agree on the best Chinese food dish, we asked our users their favorite thing to eat.  Although the results don’t really tell what is best, it does show the most popular dishes from our survey.

The following list is the most 10 most popular Chinese foods according to the last questionnaire filled out by our users.Fortune Cookies from Chinese Restaurant nearby

  1. General Tsaos Chicken
  2. Won Ton Soup
  3. Steamed Dumplings
  4. Fried Rice
  5. Sweet and Sour Pork
  6. Egg Rolls
  7. Egg Drop Soup
  8. Crab Rangoon
  9. Sesame Chicken
  10. Orange Chicken

If you are still reading this perhaps you have moved on from Chinese food and are in the mood for some other type of food. Check out some of our other nearby restaurants that offer amazing dishes with amazing service.