There are quite a few sushi places available in most areas, some, however, are good and others are bad. When visiting sushi restaurants near me, there have been times in which I have left food on my plate if I found it was not up to my standards and even occasions in which I left before even being seated.

Finding sushi restaurants has not always been easy, however as time has gone by, there have been details I have come to realize that have not only helped me find sushi places near me but have also helped me determine if a new sushi joint is worth my time. In this article I will share some of the best ways to find sushi close by and if it is worth trying out.

Key Indicators of Good Sushi Places

When looking for a sushi bar it can help to check out the clientele. Sushi places with a large Japanese clientele tend to be some of the very best. This is not to say that the lack of Japanese diners at the close by sushi joint is negative, it simply indicates that you are on the right track when there is.

Another counter intuitive indicator is standing in lines. Although standing in line or waiting for a long period of time may sound a bit annoying, many of the best sushi restaurants have them. A few develop lines that at times go around the block starting as early as five thirty pm. The sushi they serve is amazing and many times waiting that long means that you will get something that is worth it. Unlike other food, Sushi is one that you may want to wait in line.

As you enter the closest sushi joint to you, taking a moment to smell the air can tell you a lot about the place. If it smells overly fishy and not fresh, you may want to reconsider. You can expect an interesting combination of smells, but if something smells distinctly fishy that is an indicator it is not fresh. This could mean that the place is not cleaned well enough, frequently enough or perhaps something has gone bad. With sushi, that is never something you want to risk.

In addition to smelling, you want to make sure you look over the fish that is presented at the sushi bar. If anything looks old, dry or crusty, exit immediately. What you should see is fish that looks fresh, clean as well as well wrapped; nothing should look like it was simply thrown together. Neta with a leathery edge is something that you will not even want to attempt chewing.

The Best Sushi Restaurants Near Me Focus on Sushi

Is sushi what the restaurant focuses on? It is my advice that when looking for sushi close by, you avoid any places where the sushi bar is an add-on. As with everything, there are exceptions however if sushi is not their main priority, I prefer finding a nearby place to eat where it is. You want to make sure that from choosing the fish they will use to preparing it, they know exactly what it is they are doing.

These tips may seem quite basic, yet when looking for a quality sushi restaurant near you that is worth your time and money, they will definitely help you make a better choice. You can also ask friends or family who may live or work in areas near you and who enjoy quality sushi you as they will definitely be able to tell you the places you should try out and those you should avoid.